Bruce Harrell LetterSupport from Bruce Harrell On July 8, 2015, Seattle City Council Member Bruce Harrell called for an interdisciplinary team to focus on the creation of a positive Town Center for the North Rainier Urban Village.


North Rainier Urban Village AssessmentNorth Rainier Urban Village Assessment: In April of 2015, Berk consulting issued an assessment of the North Rainier Urban Village for the Seattle Economic Development Commission.  The report, prepared with input from FMBTC, strongly supports our mission and advocacy for the area.


Mt Baker Town Center Street Scape VisualizationFriends of Seattle Olmsted Parks, Formal Letter of Support: We are thankful for the Friends of Seattle Olmsted Parks, and their thoughtful and well-researched letter of support for our mission in the Mount Baker Town Center.


Mt Baker Town Center Street Scape VisualizationThe Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board, Formal Letter of Support: Our mission is supported by SPAB, and its core values for walkable urban Seattle.


Mt Baker Town Center Street Scape VisualizationMount Baker Town Center, Rezone Review: A researched analysis of the historical and legislative background leading to the Mount Baker Town Center rezone, and the need for strong community advocacy to fulfill the vision and promise of a vibrant and livable Town Center, as called for years ago.


Mt Baker Town Center Street Scape VisualizationUrban Design Framework: Before the rezone was adopted the City prepared a general design framework with an analysis of the areas needs. Attached to this Framework is the North Rainier Neighborhood Plan Update, which sets forth the community vision in detail.


Mt Baker Town Center Street Scape VisualizationFirst Hill Plan: This is an example of what can happen when our City agencies get together a true interdisciplinary team to create vibrant urban places. Since the 1990’s, there has been a call for this same level of focus in North Rainier Valley. We look forward to partnering with the City at MBTC, where the need to create an attractive area of public amenity is profound.


Mt Baker Town Center Street Scape VisualizationImplementing TOD: Here is a City aerial photo showing the Town Center zoning overlay.


Mt Baker Town Center Street Scape VisualizationBaseline Report: This document reflects the diversity and demographics of the North Rainier Hub Urban Village, where 30% of the residents do not have cars and must depend on the City to fulfill its role in infrastructure development to overcome the inequity of blighted density.


Mt Baker Town Center Street Scape VisualizationNorth Rainier Neighborhood Plan: This is the historic document where the community defined its vision, with the City, for North Rainier and its Town Center. See the attachment to the Urban Design Framework, which includes the North Rainier Neighborhood Plan Update.


Mt Baker Town Center Street Scape VisualizationMount Baker Station Area Open Space Nexus Analysis: This internal document by the City’s Department of Planning and Development carefully calculates how much open space is provided under the existing rezone, using best case scenarios. The document painfully explains how current incentive provisions would actually worsen, rather than improve, the Town Center’s severe open space gaps.


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