Please save the date for the next First Saturday Neighborhood Cleanup!

We will be cleaning area streets, including the area around the Mount Baker Town Center and volunteers will be able to choose where they want to focus their efforts. We will hand out supplies, provided by the city, at 9:00AM in the plaza under the Mt. Baker Light Link Station. We will also be working with the City of Seattle Adopt A Street program to make sure that the bags we fill, will be picked up in a timely manner.

There is evidence that suggests that crimes are more likely to be committed in areas strewn with trash. ( So, if you are concerned about the garbage that litters our streets and parks, please help clean up our neighborhood. Volunteers have been participating in monthly cleanups since January, but unfortunately this is an ongoing issue and we need your help.

We will meet, rain or shine, at 9:00 AM.

I also want to let you know that there are now several groups in SE Seattle who have committed to First Saturday Neighborhood Cleanups and community service events. We are working together to spread the word about these efforts and to try and encourage participation. If you are interested in organizing a First Saturday Cleanup on your street or in your area, please contact me.

This is a simple and direct way to make a difference in our neighborhood and as our children gear up for a new school year, this would be a great activity to teach them about civic responsibility. It is also a fun event and a great way to meet people! We need your help, so please join us.

Anne MillerGreen

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